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Hydro Power Philippines

location_on Filipinas

Based on Hydrotec’s 30 years experience & its project design at no negative environmental impact the turn-key construction time is max. 1 year per hydro power project,, payback periods at around 3 years, IRR 35% plus at a CAPEX of 3m USD/MW.

US$ 3,000,000


US$ 2,000

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Euclideon Entertainment

location_on Queensland, Australia

Won largest award for worlds best hologram tech. Opened Hologram entertainment centre which made record profits -more coming soon. Already raised $3M+. Head of Nokia US joined to lead USA expansion, Very Hi-Tech, Very profitable. Dividends Quarterly.

US$ 3,500,000


US$ 17,000

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Build Out Income Property

location_on Estados Unidos

Problem: Ability to grow marijuana efficiently, at a cost that makes it affordable without excess energy use Solution: A key component to this project is the Composite Building System which will revolutionize the Cannabis industry. This system is ...

US$ 6,000,000


US$ 100,000

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Mozaik Play

location_on New South Wales, Australia

Mozaik Play is the only specialist platform for placing students across the best creative colleges worldwide. $300k commission revenue secured from $1.4M pipeline. Recurring B2B SAAS revenue currently being developed. $500k previously raised.

US$ 1,400,000


US$ 71,000

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Zoek Applications

location_on North West, Reino Unido

Zoek is the UK’s fastest-growing job search website & app, we use intelligent job matching technology to find and connect job seekers to hirers, and vice versa. Zoek has already launched in India and expanding worldwide over the next 12 months.

US$ 780,000


US$ 13,000

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L'Energie Libre Financièr...

location_on Les Doms-Toms, Francia

Notre concept est un nouveau modèle économique, une innovation à la liberté déclinable dans toutes les sphères économiques actuelles en les infiltrant de l'intérieur et/ou chaque être humain y trouve son intérêt personnel et financier.

US$ 94,000


US$ 47,000

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location_on Wales, Reino Unido

Porter; a personalised hotel booking platform with a delightful UX & a bespoke proprietary AI & ML recommendation engine that acts as a digital travel concierge to find the right hotels for you; partnered with Booking.com (access to 2.5m+ hotels).

US$ 130,000


US$ 6,500

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Green Cylinders

location_on Bélgica

Covess; Introducing TESLA (Thermoplastic, Ecological, Safe, Light, Affordable) cylinders for storing gases like CNG or Hydrogen; Working testable prototype ready; Interests from industry specialists; PED & ISO certified; Patents filed since 2010.

US$ 5,900,000


US$ 590,000

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BSV Enterprises - Ormoc


Poultry business, long time successful, paying in 1. year guaranteed 30% annual ROI, as a Christian Company giving employment to people at the same time. Tax-free income!

US$ 610,000


US$ 1,000

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